Saturday, 13 March 2010

Do You Ever Get The Feeling......

Oh its just one of these days and I am really fed up today. I feel something is missing in my life i honestly do. What can I do??

Everything is just all the same every day!! Nothing changes at all. This is an example of one of my days - Get up; go to work, get home, get tea, computer, bed and thats the same everyday apart from saturday and sunday when I dont go to work. See where I'm coming from??? Just want to be more adventurous and go more places, but it's never gonna happen!!


That even though I do all these designs, apart from the photos all the other embellishments and papers etc...are not produced or made by me. If I haven't given you credit or haven't put your link up on the links section,please let me know!! I also do not sell or share the freebies I use. I only make these for my personal use only and do not distribute. If you're not happy with what I am doing, then please let me know, and I'll remove any graphics. I have also started watermarking the photos as to make it even hard for them to be ever used!

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This Blog Is Copyrighted - This is my blog that is copyrighted only. Not the freebie Kits I have used or the background or the buttons, but my personal photos and blog posts only! Registered & Protected

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