Monday, 1 February 2010

So Tired Today

Well today has been very tiring. Long day at work and had a bit of an asthma attack. Feel very drained now, dont think any graphics will be produced tonight, as brain ain't functioning properly lol Even trying to write this is taking alot of concerntration as I'm mis-spelling alot of words lol. I'll be fine after some sleep x


That even though I do all these designs, apart from the photos all the other embellishments and papers etc...are not produced or made by me. If I haven't given you credit or haven't put your link up on the links section,please let me know!! I also do not sell or share the freebies I use. I only make these for my personal use only and do not distribute. If you're not happy with what I am doing, then please let me know, and I'll remove any graphics. I have also started watermarking the photos as to make it even hard for them to be ever used!

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This Blog Is Copyrighted - This is my blog that is copyrighted only. Not the freebie Kits I have used or the background or the buttons, but my personal photos and blog posts only! Registered & Protected

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